Global Unit Conference

Community of entrepreneurs, artists, investors, changemakers and futurists sharing and exchanging ideas.

The Guidelines

1. No Pitching or Selling

Share, express and exchange ideas. Discuss thoughts and concepts. Don't pitch your project or company to close sales or funding. Inspiring experts who share knowledge, takeaways and observations.

2. Be Nice

Even if you disagree with an idea or a thought, be supportive, as the person had the confidence to expresss themselves. Engaging discussions where topics are led by a speaker or moderator facilitating a discussion.

3. Watch the Clock

Each session is twenty minutes long within each half hour time slot. Stick to schedule. Diverse Experiences being together with a broad range of people from different backgrounds, fields and industry.

4. Use your Feet

Welcome to switch between rooms to get a feel of different sessions. No one will take it personally. Creative meaningful conversations and connections to create a better world for everyone.

How to be involved?

Join us on the app Telegram at @UnitVentures
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