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What is the World Art Forum?

The World Art Forum is an online event for pioneers, visionaries and community-builders in the art space to exchange their ideas, share the latest industry developments and network with inspirational artists and industry leaders from across the globe.

What is the vision behind the World Art Forum?

We believe that cultivating meaningful connections is a vital catalyst for inspiring positive change in the world. Hence, the World Art Forum provides an opportunity for like-minded creatives and industry players to ignite excitement and facilitate communication within the art space about a token-driven economy of the future. A future in which the art industry will have its own decentralised economy, built upon the #ART token and backed by a treasury of value-generating tokens that securely and transparently represent the value inherent in the community and the economic activities underlying its ecosystem.

What is the format of the World Art Forum?

The World Art Forum is a free event available to all. There will be 100 speaker sessions, at 30 mins each in a TedX talk format. It consists of 5 rooms, with speaker sessions lasting 15 minutes, allowing space for an additional 15 minutes of Q&A / networking. Due to the current global travel restrictions, these World Forums will be held online and all sessions will be recorded for those unable to view the live event.

What topics will be discussed?

There will be a myriad of subjects covered, including but not limited to:

  • Trends and future outlook of the ecosystem.
  • The role of blockchain and tokens
  • Challenges and opportunities with the industry
  • The emergence of new methods, systems and technologies
  • Discussions on creating and creativity
  • Interviews and discussions with pioneers
  • Business management
  • Tools, services and software

Who will attend?

Leading entrepreneurs, influencers, investors, students, social change makers and activists who are pushing the envelope in their respective sectors. Confirmed speaker lists will be announced in due course. We are still accepting speaker applications. Please fill the speaker application survey and the organising team will get back to you soon if selected.

Why should anyone attend the World Art Forum?

  • Free of cost
  • Dedicated networking opportunities with speakers
  • Hearing the latest and greatest of global industry trends
  • Skill up your game to stay relevant in the future economy
  • Direct interaction with music industry leaders (real interactive live sessions, no pre-recordings!)

Why should I attend as a speaker?

You will contribute to building the future of the industry and share your ideas with other early adopters and creators of industry innovation. Increase your brand exposure and global network. Be a role model of the future economy and inspire others to follow into your footsteps. Become one of the legends that built the stakeholder economy! Network with other leaders of your industry.

Why should I attend as a participant?

  • Learn about industry trends and best practice from those who work on the latest ground-breaking innovations.
  • Network with the world’s pioneers and other like-minded change drivers who care about creating the infrastructure for a tech-driven, collaborative stakeholder economy.
  • Be part of the pioneer community building the prosperous and sustainable ecosystem of the future. You are not alone!

Who are the organisers?

The World Forum is organised by the industry core team, one of the key industry tokens issued by the UNIT platform. In a broader view, UNIT is a global community of change-makers & industry experts who are pioneering the token driven collaborative stakeholder economy. We believe that it’s important for the industry to come together to exchange ideas in order to shape the future of the industry and of the wider economy as a whole.

What are our most successful forum sessions?

We’ve been hosting global conferences since 2018 with thousands of participants across the globe. Watch some of our inspiring speakers on YouTube.

What are the opportunities for partnership?

Be part of a thriving supportive community around the token-driven ecosystem of the future. You will receive support launching your own tokens, learning from best practices, and connecting with key token influencers across the globe. Partner with us to create relevant media content for your audiences! Get in touch for more information.

The UNIT Team

“Join us to learn about the latest developments within the creative industry and network with the pioneers pushing it forward. ”

International Event

The World Forums connect forward thinking creatives, entrepreneurs, developers and executives from all over the world, allowing them to share new ideas and network like-minded people.

Free Participation

The World Forums are free for spectators or participators. We feel it is crucial to remove any financial barriers so we can welcome speakers at all stages of development.